How to Setup Successful Social Media Campaign

How to Setup Successful Social Media Campaign

Are you someone who uses social media campaigns in order to engage with your clients?

Are you currently looking for useful tips that can help you engage with your clients?

No matter if you’re currently trying to build a better campaign or maybe want to start your first one, there are certainly a few things you should keep in mind before considering this.

That is why in the article below we’re going to focus on several tips that can help you build and run a successful social media campaign. Let’s get right at it!

  1. Select And Then Build The Best Possible Campaign

Select And Then Build The Best Possible Campaign

The great thing about social media campaigns is that they generally offer you many options, from interactive quizzes to newsletters and all the way to voting contests and many more. But you should also not forget that different campaigns are going to deliver different results and that is why before you start yours, you need to have a clear goal and know exactly what you want to achieve with it. With those goals in mind, make sure that you thoroughly research and then choose the right campaign which you think is going to work for you and then think well about how you’re going to build it.

Look for tips that can help you build a successful social media campaign

You’ll find that there are many companies out there that offer you software which can help you build your online campaign. But while some of them cost thousands of dollars, others come free of charge. Obviously, if you want to reduce your risk of losing money, then you should go with one that offers you great services for a low cost.

Once a luxury, campaigns that look amazing on mobile device are not meant for the big retail stores anymore. Since there are more and more people who are using their mobile devices in order to access the internet, it only makes sense that you consider making your campaign mobile friendly.

Make sure to look for a service which allow you to install campaigns anywhere. The truth is that a lot of 3rd party campaign builders are only going to be compatible with Facebook. However, if you want to host yours on other platforms, then you need to look around.

  1. Consider Action-Gating

Create action gating campaigns

Undoubtedly, Facebook is hands-down the most popular place where you could run a campaign. Sadly, almost a year ago Facebook announced that it no longer allows like-gating. Many users were actually upset about this and for good reason: this was a great way for many businesses and marketers to get more fans and increase ROI.

However, you now have a different option to consider and that is action-gating. This refers to when you’re asking users to do something for you, like share your posts, like your posts in order to get something in return from your brand. This is undeniably quite attractive and some may say it’s better than like-gating. That’s because not only does it work anywhere you would like to run your campaign, but it provides a lot of value.

  1. Start Spreading The Word

Spread the word about youe social media campaignDid you know that 75% of the success of a campaign is going to be influenced by proper promotion? The good news is that promoting a campaign is fairly simple and you have a lot of tools that can help you to do that. Most of them are free to use, which saves you good money in the long run.

You should also ensure that your campaign is designed with sharing features in mind and make sure that you also offer incentives to people to like and share your campaign. For instance, even if you’re currently running a Facebook campaign, that doesn’t mean that people on Twitter or Google Plus don’t have to know about it.

  1. Offer Great Prizes

Offer prizes to your contestants

There were many companies in the past that made huge mistakes when they used social media, mistakes that involved offering expensive prizes that weren’t actually aligned with their brand. So instead of offering people an iPad for instance, you should offer them prizes from your own range of products.

Now when it comes to the prize, remember that you don’t need to offer an expensive one, but it does need to be valuable enough in order to match the level of effort required to enter the contest. If you plan on offering a twenty five percent discount coupon, then you may want to consider asking everyone who participates to fill out a form. On the other hand, if you plan on offering an overseas vacation, then the entry should be a bit tougher and require individuals to submit videos and photos for a voting contest.

  1. Curb Required Form Fields

Curb Required Form Fields

Basic forms are generally used by a lot of campaigns and that is because users find it easy to fill them out and then be granted entry. The good news is that when you’re going to create an entry form, you can basically ask users for almost anything: their marital status, their gender, their birthday, their phone number, their E-mail address and so forth. However, even if you’re tempted to ask them for as much info as you want, you should try and hold back.

Make sure to consider using a form that requires users to input little personal information in order to participate.

If you ask for a lot of information, then many people are just going to refuse to enter the contest. With each form field you require, you’re going to experience a ten percent drop in opt-in rate.

That is why you should not make every form field a requirement, but only require the info that is essential for your future marketing efforts.

Wrapping Up

If you want to easily gather demographic feedback and information from your audience, but also enlist user generated content and build E-mail lists and more, then starting a social media campaign is the best way to achieve that. No matter what goals you may have, they can be easily achieved once you can build a campaign around them. And if you want to get the best possible results, make sure that the campaign is promoted across your existing profiles and websites and that it’s also mobile friendly.