SEO Site Optimization for your Website in 2015

SEO site Optimization for your Website in 2015

Ever year, SEO evolves into a more complex and refined discipline. In 2014, hundreds of industries took advantage of SEO services and this year it seems that is going to continue in the same vein. In fact, many studies confirm that search engine optimization was the best way of getting new clients this year and the previous year with about eighty five percent of retailers using it in order to grow their business. Other studies discovered that organic search was an instrumental starting point for a lot of brands to showcase their services and products to a larger target audience.

So with that being said, what are some of the things that search engine optimization practitioners can do in order to make sure last year’s momentum will stay the same or increase in 2015? Well, if you’re also wondering about that, then below we’re going to analyze 5 key areas in search engine optimization that should be on the list of every respectable marketer this year.

  1. Marketing To Audiences

SEO has changed dramatically in the last several years and given the fact that keyword data is not longer that important to Google, SEO has started to progress more as a discipline and marketers are focusing on creating a new way to segment audiences by merging traditional marketing concepts into search engine optimization.

Presently, it’s recommended that quantitative data around traffic generating topics is merged and then paired with the market insights concerning the kind of info that is helpful to people when they plan on buying something. On top of that, it’s also necessary to learn more about what the competitors are doing for those topics that generate traffic and that’s because as everyone knows, search is a 0 sum game.

Therefore, by finding data points, we can:

  1. Get a good idea of where the competition is doing great and the points where you can improve.
  2. Learn more about the types of content that perform well.
  3. Discover new keywords you can target.
  4. Identify new ways to tackle adjacent markets.
  5. Aligning Content and SEO Teams

The experience you create for your target market heavily influences your SEO efforts and what this means is that great search engine optimization has to be paired with high quality content.

Marketing To Audiences

When it comes to SEO, a lot of people believe that the way to best go about it is by using strategic content and then apply search engine optimization best practices in order to improve its visibility and value online. However, according to the Panda and similar Google updates, it’s better to focus on user quality and experience.

  1. Mobile Search Engine Optimization Should Be Prioritized

Making your website mobile is a must in 2015 and in fact, we have been reading about it for years now. Every brand and website needs to have a mobile marketing strategy and if you haven’t heard yet, Google is in fact penalizing websites that ARE NOT optimized for mobile devices in 2015.

Based on information from ComScore, the mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic which means that you now have a higher chance of making sales if you have a mobile friendly website than if you just have a regular website that’s optimized for desktop navigation. If you’re already convinced by this and have taken efforts to make your website mobile friendly, you need to make sure that it’s properly configured.

Mobile Marketing Importance Infographic


Many reports show that mobile configuration errors were responsible for a sixty eight percent loss in traffic coming from mobile devices. On top of that, even if Google does recommend that you go for a responsive design, it’s best that you consider a hybrid approach to get the best of both worlds.

  1. Consider Reporting and Measurement That Works

Consider Reporting and Measurement That Works

Even though there are many studies and research conducted in order to measure the influence of organic search, many marketers and brands are still struggling in order to quantify their efforts, measure results and continue to prove their position for search engine optimization budgets.

Even a few years ago we were discussing about having marketers that have great analytics skills. In fact, based on information from CMO Survey dot org, forty four percent of those who took part in the survey declared that they didn’t have the necessary metrics to prove the influence of marketing in ’14. Another survey, this time performed by Adobe, shone light on the fact that forty nine percent of internet marketers didn’t use data, but actually intuition when deciding on the type of marketing strategies they’re going to spend their money on.

The thing is that when it comes to reporting, it shouldn’t become more and more complex. This year, search engine optimization needs to focus on simplifying its data sources and using structured data sources in order to reveal the right info.

This means trying to identify the KPIs which matter to prove internet marketing efforts and trying to get a hold of the technology which is able to extract several sources of data into a single platform which offers real time insights in performance.

  1. Integrate Search Engine Optimization Info Across Teams

PPC Management

You should keep in mind that the Search Engine Optimization team or practitioner is working on the same goals as the rest of the teams. Therefore, when all the teams collaborate with one another in order to share what they have learned and use that information for cross channel marketing, they’re going to be a lot more effective and successful compared to working on achieving the same goals separately.

You can consider PPC and search engine optimization as a great example of 2 channels sharing a symbiotic relationship. PPC data can communicate search engine optimization and conversely. Also, reports form Kenshoo, Google and others show exactly how much paid search and organic search can influence each other’s success.

Making Small Steps Toward Mastery

You should consider search engine optimization for your website for as long as you plan on using them. By doing so, you’re going to continuously improve your websites’ online visibility which eventually has a positive impact on traffic and sales. You can only get more traffic and loyal customers if your website provides a great user experience, so make sure to focus on that in 2015 and your efforts are certainly going to pay off in the long run.